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coaching soccer skills and life skills in victoria


Learning and developing both technique and the knowledge to take into soccer and into the rest of their life. Our goal is teaching the players to be professional not only in playing soccer but also in life.
JP sports clinic


2024 Summer camp registration is open!

Early Bird Discount 10% off until 6/1!


Thank you for participating at spring camp!

summer Camp! july/aug 2024

Early Bird Discount 10% off until 6/1!

Week 1
July 8 – 12
Week 2
July 15 – 19
Week 3
Aug 19 – 23
Week 4
Aug 26 – 30


TBD Likely at Rudd Park


Born Years 2008 to 2020
*you can ask the availability if you born before 2007


A 8:30 – 15:00     $200
B 8:30 – 12:00     $150
C 8:30 – 11:00     $125


8:30 – Start Drop Off
9:00 – Soccer Clinic 2 hours
11:00 – Playtime
12:00 – Lunch Time
13:00 – Playtime 
15:00 – Finish

*You can participate a few days in any week but in that case there will be no discount.
*Ask the availability if you born before 2008

Summer CAMP! 2024


*We are not changing dipers.
*We can bring a player to the toilet but a player needs to do it alone inside.

We will set a sibling discount, which will be 10% off but not usage with the Early Bird discount.

We will divide 2-3 group for the soccer clinic.

*Cancel Policy

Before a month of the first day of a week, will be no cancelation fee.
Before 3 days on the first day of a week, there will be a 50% cancellation fee.
After 3 days before the first day of a week, there will be a 100% cancellation free even for weather or other reasons. 

*Please click on Register button to see more detail

Week 1

July 8 – 12

Week 2

July 15 – 19

Week 3

Aug 19 – 23

Week 4

Aug 26 – 30

JP sports clinic Educational mission



We provide all the levels of training that fits the specific needs for the child through our physical training and also basic skill training using a soccer ball.  Our coaching focus on individual development for life skills such as importance of team work, treating others with respect, take a good care of things and communication skill. Our goal is provide a positive fun environment for children to develop what is important for them, not only in football but also in life. 

Summer classes


5 to 6:30 pm

Location : Lansdowne Middle School South (2780 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC V8R 4T4)


5 to 6:30 pm


5 to 6:30 pm

Location : Spectrum Community School (957 Burnside Rd W, Saanich, BC V8Z 6E9)


11 am to 12:30 pm

Location : Happy Valley Elementary (3291 Happy Valley Rd, Victoria, BC V9C2W3)


10 am to 11:30 am

Location : Rudd Park (3366 Whittier Ave, Victoria, BC V8Z 3P9)

Thank you for joinning JP sports clinic

Regular lesson fees

Regular sesson fees

You can choose to join a session once a week or twice a week.

once a week

$20 per session.

Cancel fee due to sick, injure or family matter, we charge $10 as cancel fee.

* no charge for one month notice.

We have sibling discount as $5 off. $35 per 2 siblings.

We charge as monthly.

twice a week

$20 per week.

No cancel fee regulations.

No sibling discount.

We charge monthly or per semester.

Private lesson with lisenced coach

1 session is an hour
Location :
@TBD (We can arrange a field)

Please contact 778 533 2848 or
​Any question and arrangement for lesson are welcome!!

1 player

$60 / Player

2 players

$40 /player

3 - 6 players

$30 /player

6 players or more

$20 / player

Summer camp 2023!


Thank you for participating!

Meet The Team

Our coaches provide not the only the highest level AFC,JFA A License teaching, we focus on creating the best possible learning environment for the players. As coaches we create an environment that is both enjoyable to be part of but also challenges and educates the player. 


Main Coach

Takayuki Arai 新井 貴之

Coach Experience 

Instructed soccer player from kindergartens to pro players
Oversaw (Head coach) U16,15,14 team (J league club) and National Sports
Festival team(adults)
Experienced soccer coaching in 5 countries.


Urawa Red Diamonds (J league 1) 2002.10-2008.1
U18,15 Coach / Heart-full Club Coach(community coach)
Kamatamare Sanuki(J league 2) 2008.2-2010.1
Top team Coach / Academy Directioner / National Sports Festival team HC
Vegalta Sendai(J league 1) 2010.2-2019.1
U18 Coach / U16,15,14 Head Coach
Tochigi City FC 2019.2-2021.1
Top team Coach / Curriculum developer for soccer coach


2001.4-2004.3, Master of Physical Education, International BUDO Univ. Chiba Skills
AFC, JFA ʻAʼ License (2009)
Expert Course Football Periodization(2018 World Football Academy)
Advanced Course Periodization in Football(2016 World Football Academy)
Teacherʼs License (2004 Physical Education)

Assistant Coach

Yayaka Karasu
Nationality : Japanese

Coach Experience 

Socer coach 2015 ~ Present
Oshio SC
Himeji city training center (selected team)
Hyogo prefecture training center (selected team)
Player Experience  
Oshio SC
FC Terra U18
Portuguesa F.C.(Brazil)
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (2015 – 2019)
AFC, JFA ‘B’ License (2019)

Founder, Assistant Coach

Masato Takao 高尾真人
Nationality : Japanese

Coach Experience 
Kawasaki Frontale (J League 1st Dev) School Coach  (2003 – 2006)
Player Experience  
JEF United Ichihara U-15(J League 1st Dev that time)
JEF United IchiharaU-18 (J League 1st Dev that time)
Senshu University
Nanaimo United
Vancouver Island University MBA (2007-2009)
Work Experience 
Kawasaki Frontale in business section (2009-2017)

Coaches and staff members


Shun Horiuchi

Assistant coach


Miki Kanai

Assistant coach


Naoaki Takada

Clinic trainer, Assistant coach


Hayato Matsuba

Goalkeeper coach

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